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Dear Plaintiff,

I know waiting for your lawsuit to settle can be almost more frustrating than dealing with the issues that brought on the suit in the first place. You need money now! While the lawyers battle it out in the courtroom, you still have bills and expenses piling up.

You've probably considered just settling for a lesser amount instead of waiting for the case to finish. You need the money now. That's where we come in. We can provide you a portion of the money you need now!

We'll review your case and decide if we can provide you up to $500,000 now!

Everyday there are thousands of lawsuits filed nationwide. And many of them are settled early for way too little money. Why? Because insurance companies and lawyers know that the longer they stall, the more likely the plaintiff will run out of money and will settle the case for pennies on the dollar.

Don't let this happen to you. There is an alternative.

It's Legal Funding Consulting, and it could be the answer to your prayers. It's not a loan… it's a non-recourse cash advance. Let me explain how it works by giving you and example.

Margaret Smith was a single mother of 3, living from paycheck to paycheck. One day, after dropping off her kids at school, a truck from a local shipping company ran a stop sign and crashed into Margaret's car.

After 2 weeks in the hospital, Margaret went home, but still needed a lot of rest and couldn't go back to work for another 3 weeks. She soon became financially desperate. She hadn't gotten a paycheck for 5 weeks, and wouldn't get paid again until she returned to work.

While she was recuperating, Margaret saw a commercial from a local law firm that specialized in accidents. She wound up hiring the firm and was suing the shipping company for $200,000.

But Margaret was 2 months behind on her mortgage and 3 months behind on her car payments. And to add insult to injury, it was December and she didn't even have enough money to buy Christmas presents for her 3 children.

Margaret didn't have time to wait for her court hearing which would take at least 9 months. She did what most people in her situation would do. She called her attorney and asked if they could settle the case now… for any amount. This is exactly what the insurance company was counting on. People need the money so badly that they'll take a lot less to settle the case early.

But Margaret was lucky. Her attorney referred her to a Legal Funding Consultant. She called and the first thing she learned was that she wasn't applying for a loan. It wasn't a loan because, believe it or not, in the unlikely event that her lawyer lost Margaret's case, she did not have to pay back the money. It's called a non-recourse cash advance.

Margaret received a check for $20,000 within 48 hours… and she only had to do 6 simple things…

1) Sign a records release form that was already printed for her.
2) Send a photocopy of her agreement with her attorney.
3) Provide a photocopy of the police report showing she was not at fault.
4) Provide a copy of her medical records showing she was injured in the accident.
5) Provide proof that the defendant had insurance, which she got from her attorney.
6) Provide a copy of the lawsuit papers.

Margaret faxed all the information and in 24 hours, Federal Express delivered her the check for $20,000, without any major deductions or expenses.

She didn't have to make any monthly payments. She only had to pay it back after the lawsuit was settled in the future. Margaret was now able to hold out and get the money she really needed.

In summary using a Legal Funding Consultant there is:

• No repayment. You only pay if you win your lawsuit.
• No credit check
• No employment requirements
• No monthly payments
• No payment until the case settles in the future.
• No tedious paperwork.

You can get funding for up to about 10% of the amount you are suing for. For example, if you are suing for $500,000, you could be advanced as much as $50,000. So if you're a plaintiff in a lawsuit for:

• a motor vehicle accident,
• product liability
• slip and fall accident
• discrimination
• wrongful employment termination
• medical malpractice
• commercial liabilities

Don't let the waiting game cost you a fortune. Now you can wait them out and get all the money you deserve.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about how we can help you, simply call our office and request either our presentation on DVD or Video at no cost or obligation. This presentation will explain how we can help you get the money you need now. If you are on broadband (cable or DSL), you can watch it right now if you like. Just click on the play button below. This is the same video you would get if you ordered our DVD or VHS Video.

I realize you are a busy person and are tempted to put this letter on the back burner. I promise I will take only a few minutes of your time! Please pick up the phone and call me right now so I can help you in as quickly as 48 hours!

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